“I believe we have all experienced Full Circle Moments.

They deepen our lives and, once shared, enrich the lives of others.

They are at once personal and universal.”

~ Jane Genende, Author of  THE LOST TRIBE OF THE ANDES

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A Full Circle Moment

The Lost Tribe of the Andes traces three generations of a Jewish family, from the 1800's in Eastern Europe to America in the present.

In the aftermath of the death of her father, author Jane Genende began

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~T.S. Eliot

Little Giddings Part 5

“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.”

Full Circle Moments happen when we revisit a situation or circumstance in our present life that occurred in our past. The event of the second experience creates a circle in which we view both perspectives — past and present — simultaneously. Viewing the “there and then” and the “here and now,” seeing their relationship and connection completes the circle and creates a richer, fuller life experience.

The process of selling the house I grew up in and of helping my mother downsize to an apartment after the death of my father, stirred up memories and emotion. One of the most remarkable memories was what I call a Full Circle Moment.

After that vivid experience, I began to recall other Full Circle Moments in my past and started to write about these memories which enabled me to process their meaning. These stories eventually grew into the chapters of my book.

What is a Full Circle Moment?